Tiny Leaves - The Sweetness of the Morning Music Video by RFW Photo Video
A full music video has been produced, released with the track on Piano Day, the 29th of March 2021.
Tiny Leaves (Joel Pike) said: "Happy Piano Day 2021 people! A new quiet filled the air last spring as nature had the chance to become loud again through lockdown. Instead of the sound of traffic, I noticed the chorus of life in the garden: the abundance of bees, birdsong and new blooms. I wanted to respond to this in music, with sounds equally as hopeful, light and delicate as the unfolding of life in spring. I hope it brings some joy!"
Previously a 30-second trailer for the main film was also released, with a minor Brief adjustment between the two.
For more information about Tiny Leaves, visit https://tinyleaves.co.uk/
For more information about Piano Day, visit https://www.pianoday.org/​​​​​​​